How not to make a dating profile headline

Many dating sites have you set up a headline.  I personally find it a pointless feature, but if anything it's a great way for you to stand out.

Standing out works in two ways.  You can stand out by looking great.  Or you can stand out by looking like a complete idiot.  I suggest you try for the first one.

Real headlines

Right now, as I type this up, I'm going to sign onto a dating site that has profile headlines.  I'm just going to look at female profiles for this post.  Some of these headlines you might be using yourself, because a lot of people make the mistake of never looking at other people's profiles to see if they are similar or not.  Either way, these are all examples of what not to do.  Even if you feel like they're great or passable.

Since this post is largely targeted to women, then you should remember that most women are not trying to get TONS of messages.  They already do.  Instead, the goal should be messages from great and awesome guys.  Keep this in mind as you read through some of these profile headlines and notice how they do not attract an awesome guy.


Looking for a fun loving guy

Here's the deal: Everyone loves fun.  Fun is wonderful.  Saying you're looking for a fun loving guy is like saying you're looking for a guy who enjoys to breathe.  Sounds pretty stupid.

PS: The word "fun" in the online dating world is sometimes read as "sex."  So congratulations if you're flooded with pervy messages you don't want, because it's your fault.


Looking 4 white stud. No manboobs allowed.

This woman obviously knows what she wants.  Except that that is the problem.  She talks about what she wants, instead of focusing on attracting what she wants.  1. She comes off as selfish. 2. She makes it negative.


All's fair in love and war

Hey, that's awesome.  Is someone about to spear me on this dating site?  What is this "war" talk?  I once worked at a retail place and the manager got really passionate in a company meeting and said we were at war with our competitors.  She got pretty pissed when I suggested we throw a rock through the window of Pottery Barn next door.

People use this phrase to justify means.  As in, they do something that is usually fucked up in normal terms, then say "all is fair in love and war."


could you be the one?

Again, this woman has lost her chance to attract a guy.  This wouldn't even register to the guys out there looking to settle down.

Besides, it's a cliche phrase.  Too many women use this line.


Too much pressure for a clever headline.

You know what circumstances cause a lot of pressure?

  • watching a classroom full of kids
  • going through battle
  • speeding down the highway being chased by cops
  • taking a final exam knowing you only spent 2 hours studying the entire last month, and they were all last night

Making a headline =/= pressure.  It's just a headline.  Stop being lazy.


"I'm kind of a big deal"




idk what to write here.... message me 🙂

If she's this lazy now, imagine how lazy she'll be later on

do you make the cut?

Again, this woman focuses on the guy, not by attracting him, but by challenging him.  Some guys dig having a challenge.  But you should know that you will come off as formidable when you have a headline like this.


Looking for an HONEST guy

No way, seriously?!

That's odd, because so many other women on this dating site are looking for a dishonest guy, right?


good hearted fun man

Is she looking for a man with a good hart?

Or is she suggesting that she is a man with a good heart.


Just tryin to avoid the D-bags this time around!!

Oh wow, red flag.

It's understandable that maybe this woman has used online dating before and ran into some not-so-great- guys.  But I don't need to know about that.  She needs to let go of that drama and not make the new batch of guys suffer for it.

Yes, there are douchebags on the internet.  And in real life too.  But that doesn't mean you should scare off the great guys who don't want anything to do with your drama.


Is there anything real at all?

Is this like...a philosophical thing?  Am I supposed to respond that no, the universe as we know it is simply a 2 dimensional projection of another world, and everything is fake?

Or maybe she's just mopey and dramatic.

Either way, she's not being positive or fun, so I can't imagine too many quality guys going after her.


Looking for Mr. Right

1. Cliche

2. Obviously.


LiViN' LiF3 tH3 b3$T wAy I kN0W h0W

This person should not be allowed to procreate.  This is simply annoying.

Typing like this is against the rules.


Don't bore me with the usual

1. She just bored me with the usual.

2. She's expecting men to entertain her instead of attracting a worthwhile guy who isn't going to bore her.

This is an excellent example of how perspective and the way you use online dating can change your results in either a positive or negative way.


Tired of dating Losers

Again, red flags because of the drama.  If you date losers then that is partialy your fault.


over the games...

Then you shouldn't have been playing them, because that is what this suggests.  Again, drama, negativity, you get the picture.


God fearing man

Is she suggesting that she is a God fearing man?

If she's suggesting that she is LOOKING for a God fearing man then she has obviously wasted an opportunity to attract one instead of demand one.


Looking for some good, clean, fun!

She's looking for sex with someone who doesn't has any STD's.

Regardless of what she or you meant by this statement, this is how it is read by many people.


You live and you learn...


Drama alert.  This woman has obviously lived and learned and is now regretting something.  Not exactly a way to draw me in.


Change for the better

Everyone seems to "want to have some fun."  So have some actual fun!  Throw some creativity into your profile and your online dating experience.  Even in the small areas like the headline area.  It is another area where you can stand out from the crowd, and that is always an excellent thing.

Want to see some examples of great dating profile headlines?  Check out this post for some of my favorites.